Stress, depression or anxiety, and musculoskeletal disorders account for the majority of working days lost due to work-related ill health

The average days lost per case for stress, depression or anxiety is 24 days, and for musculoskeletal disorders, 17 days (HSE Executive).

Simply Blended is able to assist companies in reducing the number of lost work days  through a range of complementary therapies, accessable in the work place, which reduce stress and musculoskeletal dis-ease.

A company may wish to offer these solutions to all employees, part of an employment package or as a performance incentive.

A range of solutions are offered including:

  • In-house Pranayama Yoga classes for up to 25 people which may help to lower stress, reduce musculoskeletal dis-ease and raise the moral of all employees.  Ranging from a 15 minute mental and physical relaxation,  to an hours class.
  • On-site therapy – a shiatsu massage with prescriptive essential oils, within the office or a private room, fully clothed, on a specially designed chair.  A 10 minute neck, shoulder and upper back massage or a 20 minute massage additionally including the lower back, arms and scalp. A treatment said to  remove tension, enliven and ease
  • Therapeutic massage within a private room on a massage table of 20, 40 or 60 minute duration
  • Rejuvanessence within a private room on a massage table, is a facial massage technique which helps to lower mental stress levels and helps with neck and shoulder tensio..  Additionally beneficial due to the natural lift of the face, release of tension from the skin aids circulation helping even skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Treatments are 75 minutes
  • Prescriptive aromatherapy using organic essential oils can be used within the office and tailored for a range of outcomes from creating a calming enviroment,  helping to reduce the spread of airborne bacterial and viral dis-eases (coughs, colds, flu), to enlivening the office enviroment.  Gels, creams and lotions,prescriptive to the individual, can also be provided
  • Aqua detox which is 30 minute duration can be offered within the office or within a private room and may help reduce stress , remove toxins and help induce wellbeing.
  • Swiss Reflex, 45 minutes, may help with chronic stress and musculoskeletal dis-eases and enables the employee to have a therapeutic treatment whilst at their desk or in a private room
  • Nutritional Therapy may help employees with a range of imbalances from low immune function, digestive dis-eases, hormonal imbalance and general poor health, presented for the individual or a group of employees

To find out how Simply Blended may best complement your business and employees please contact Sarah for more information

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