Simply Blended by Sarah Bennett

bespoke organic skincare to nourish your skin

Simply Blended bespoke skincare products which delight the sense of smell, support wellbeing and nourish skin with natural organic ingredients

I’m Sarah a qualified aromatherapist since 1994. and since then my passion for the healing and supportive properties of essential oils has grown.             

Blended essential oils work synergistically to ease dis-ease through supporting the body’s healing capabilities

In 2021 my passion for supporting wellbeing through natural therapeutic essential oils led me to create Simply Blended Skincare, a range of bespoke products hand made using hydrosols, vegetable oils,, butters, plant based active ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils to naturally nourish skin.                                                                                                       

These bespoke products were so well received that I now offer a Simply Blended Skincare Package to try before you buy.

Ingredients vary according to skin type and skin needs, and are selected for the natural chemical components which support the skins’ structure, cellular renewal, and nourish the skins’ cells..  The essential oils are selected for skincare needs, and for hormonal, emotional or mental dis-ease if pertinent.

The bespoke skincare questionnaire, enables Simply Blended Skincare products to be created specific to your needs.  When  received the form is reviewed, any further requested by email.  Bespoke products are then created and posted to you

The introductory bespoke skincare package includes a 10 ml cleanser, 12ml toner, 5ml active gel serum, 5ml active facial oil, and 10ml moisturiser and last around 4 weeks allowing time to experience  how the bespoke products nourish and nurture your skin.  The ingredients are listed in full on both the products and leaflet which accompanies the package.

Miron Violet Glass                   

 On submitting the bespoke skincare questionnaire, an email is sent by return asking for a BACS transfer of £40.  This is a fully refundable £40 deposit on the Miron Violet Glass to encourage the return of the containers.  Miron glass is only available from the Netherlands and is protective of the products  preventing damage from sunlight and extending the life of the product.  When the containers are received they are washed, sterilized, and dried and re-used, reducing the carbon footprint of Simply Blended.  

Dislike or love the bespoke products, return the Miron Violet Glass, receive £40 deposit back in full. .

Simply Blended Skincare products retail prices vary due to the varied ingredients used.  Vegetable oils prices, range between £0.40 and £4,80 for 10ml and a drop of therapeutic essential oil ranges between £0.06 and £1.20

An indication of price which the bespoke products frequently retail at is:

Cleanser (50ml)  £18

Toner + Spritzer (100ml)  £20

Nourishing Active Gel Serum (25ml) £30

Active Facial Oil (25ml) £35

Moisturiser (40ml)  £46

For a no risk introductory bespoke natural skincare package please fill in the  

bespoke skincare questionnaire make the deposit payment via BACS