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Nutritional therapy,  firmly grounded in scientific research, may offer a safe and natural strategy for the prevention and treatment of dis-ease as well as the promotion of optimal health and weight.  A thorough evaluation of diet, medical and lifestyle history gives an understanding of the underlying causes of conditions, (not just the symptoms) enabling relevant  dietary changes to be advised to encourage your body towards optimal balance.

Nutritional therapy looks to enable every person to make long-term dietary and lifestyle changes to promote optimal health and vitality and  is not about ‘quick-fix’ diets or restricting a large number of foods. When appropriate non-invasive functional testing to help establish imbalances and nutritional supplements to support the body in re-establishing nutritional balance will be recommended.

Nutritional deficiencies may produce minor symptoms indicative of biochemical imbalance.  These imbalances, long term,may be a factor in the development of more serious physical, mental and hormonal dis-ease states.  Provision of the right nutrients and improved digestion and absorption, supporting the body’s detoxification and immune systems and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies through provision of the right nutrients, each person may move towards optimal health.

Nutritional therapy may help recovery and prevention of digestive, circulatory, endocrine, detoxification, respiratory and immunological imbalances including: IBS, IBD, bloating, constipation, candidiasis, food intolerance, coeliac disease, hayfever, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, PMS, menopausal symptoms, endometriosis, PCOS, thrush, cystitis, thyroid problems, adrenal imbalance, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, poor immunity, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, infertility, pre-conceptual care and also support the quitting of addictive substances.

Health issues not listed above may also be helped through nutritional therapy.

A medical and lifestyle history questionnaire and food diary are completed for evaluation and understanding of each person’s current health concerns, nutrient input and lifestyle prior to the first appointment.
The first consultation is 75 -90 minutes and involves further questioning around the information already provided on the questionnaire and food diary to understand individual limitations, strengths and motivations to change; understanding daily routines, work life, home life, life stressors, dietary constraints and financial constraints are important for the realisation of optimal health.

This information alongside the diet, lifestyle and symptom analysis enables an explanation of why current dietary and lifestyle habits may be causative of the current state of wellbeing and how dietary and lifestyle alterations and additions may be beneficial. Realistic, achievable, measurable and healthful goals are then determined and set through collaboration for inclusion into daily life. All advice and explanations will be detailed in a personal ‘health optimising plan’ alongside supporting information sheets relevant to your specific health concerns.

Follow up consultations are advised three to six weeks later, depending on the imbalance being addressed and are 45minutes long. These are to monitor progress and enable any necessary adjustments to the nutritional programme. supporting the individual towards optimal health.
Post consultation is provided via text or e-mail so any questions you may have, can be addressed between appointments.

Initial consultation  £180  consultation 90 minutes + time for analysis and report
Follow-up £100  consultation 45mins + time for analysis and report

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