Simply Blended by Sarah Bennett


 Pranayama Yoga (the Lotus and the Rose) is non-competitive, non-religeous, non-political and suitable for all ranges of fitness, suppleness and those aged 11yrs and upwards.

Pranayama Yoga teaches how to relax both mind and body through breathing, physical and relaxation exercises to eliminate tension and gain peace of mind. 

Thursday 10.30 am -12 noon   

West Heath Community Centre, Hampstead House, Fairfax Road, West Heath, Birmingham. 

B31 3QY

Pranayama Yoga involves studying five disciplines beginning with Mental Relaxation, considered the most important. Mental Concentration, living in the moment, follows so that the mind can be used fully and efficiently in every aspect of daily life. Breath Control is studied for its mental, emotional and physical benefits and also because it involves the mind in the most vital physical activity helping to co-ordinate mind and body. Physical postures, asanas, follow to strengthen and keep supple the spine and joints and also to improve the functioning of all the internal organs of the body. Finally comes Deep Relaxation for the body during which energy is replaced and the individual learns again what is often a lost art, that of naturally relaxing the body to eliminate tension in the system.

Pranayama Yoga, once learnt, can be practiced on a daily basis, eliminating tension  to refresh your vitality and health.

Children 11 yrs and older are welcome

Wear loose clothing and bring a shawl/blanket to cover yourself in the relaxation; yoga mats provided

For more information contact Sarah 07976 612210 or

Initial Taster Session £9; 6 sessions paid in advance £54 ; Drop in session £12

Private session, maximum of 2 people in my studio or as many as you can fit in to your lounge/space. £60 per hour