Simply Blended by Sarah Bennett


Aromatherapy involves the blending of essential oils, grown for their therapeutic properties, relevant to the goal of each person and taking into account their aromatic preferences. Whilst aromatherapy oils are widely available, through my knowledge and skill acquired over 20 years I am able to assist in the selection and blending from over 50 organic essential oils, producing a synergistic Prescriptive Organic Product or blend to support each person in moving towards physical and mental balance.  All essential, vegetable and other therapeutic ingredients are organic in origin, except where they are not available and then the ingredient sourced is of wild origin.  

The blend produced may be for use in a therapeutic massage (prescriptively blended oils are used at each consultation) or used for creating Prescriptive Organic Products for facial, body or topical application, bath oils, room vaporisation, inhalations or personal fragrances as appropriate.

Over the past 20 years I have blended prescriptive aromatherapy products to support individuals in the recovery and prevention of dis-eases including: eczema, nappy rash, pre-menstrual syndrome, muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness and pain, acne, dermatitis, colic, insomnia, anxiety, shingles, pneumonia, chicken pox, coughs and colds, sun protection, asthma, toothache, indigestion, psoriasis, circulatory problems and more.

Whilst aromatherapy oils are associated with massage and they are complimentary to each other, Prescriptive Organic Products used regularly are also therapeutic and may help each person towards optimal well-being.

Aromatherapy (essential) oils over thousands of years have shown their therapeutic value and since the start of modern pharmaceutical medicine components of plants have been extracted or synthetically copied for inclusion in  pharmaceutical drugs.

Aromatherapy oils are mainly obtained through steam distillation, only the water soluble molecules being carried from the plant matter. As the chemical constituents are small they are able to affect each body through both the limbic system and transdermally. Aromatic molecules have been found to have rapid impact on emotions and nervous dis-ease due to their action via the limbic system. When delivered transdermally through the skin the constituents of the oils are thought to be carried via the circulatory system to the muscle, organ, or system of the body which is in need of support. Due to the small size of the chemical components within each aromatic molecule modern science, as of yet is unable to follow the journey of the essential oils within the body, yet empirical evidence shows how aromatherapy oils, when used pertinently, may be powerful in supporting the body towards optimal wellbeing

Some blends can be made at the consultation, others will be made to order and delivery or collection arranged.

Prescriptive Blending
 £30 per 30 minute consultation plus cost of prescribed blend.
 For repeat prescriptions, product price only.

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